3 No-Fail Perennials for Summer into Fall Months

Here are 3 no-fail perennials for great for summer and into the fall months …

Maintaining a home landscape can be laborious and time-consuming, especially during the warm summer months. And, we all get busy with summer vacations and activities. So, we asked Ryan Anderson of Gateway Home and Garden Center on Warrenton to recommend three common no-fail perennials that are easy to maintain, hearty and have an attractive presence from summer into the fall. See Ryan’s recommendations below.

Looking ahead, fall is a good time to think about and plan on reviving your landscape from the heat and humidity of summer. Warm days and cool nights, with increased periods of moisture, create great growing conditions. New plantings, both annuals and perennials, add to the warm colors of a fall landscape and create the building blocks for a great start the following spring. Mums and pansies are tolerant of temperature swings and can replace tired summer annuals with a boost of color that compliments the natural fall display of mother nature.

Beside being a great time for colorful plantings, fall is the key time of year for rejuvenation of turf and will help create a lush, beautiful lawn in the spring. A prime second planting season, rivaling spring, fall is a great time to also think about adding trees and shrubs to the landscape. You can find everything you need at Gateway. Visit GatewayHomeandGardenCenter.com for directions and hours.

Black-Eyed Susan

This bold bloom is one of the most distinguishable perennial plants in our area where masses of vibrant yellow color go on display from mid-summer and continue through fall. A native plant that is colorful and easy to maintain, clusters of these plants blend perfectly with many other combinations in the landscape. Heat and humidity tolerant, and accepting of clay soils, Black-Eyed Susans are one of the easiest plants to add to and liven up a landscape heading into fall. Cut flowers can also be moved indoors to boost the recognizable fall hues of floral displays.

Sedum Autumn Joy

With its succulent-like foliage, Sedum Autumn Joy is an all star when the weather is hot and dry. The flower buds start to show in summer, starting with a chartreuse color, then evolve into a show of vibrant pink which fades to copper as the fall continues on. A perennial that is great to mix into to the existing landscape yet also showy enough to stand alone, it does well in a multiple applications. Often times it can be left uncut until spring to provide winter interest and food for the wild birds that enjoy the seeds.

Encore Azalea

(Azalea is not technically considered a perennial, but thought a woody plant and serves a similar purpose.) Azaleas are a staple item in our regional landscape. With vibrant spring blooms, there are few other plants that signify the onset of nicer weather. Encore Azaleas take the enjoyment of the recognizable flower a step further. After the spring flower fades, Encore Azaleas set a second flower bud that starts to come alive from mid-summer and continues through fall. With over 30 varieties to choose from, and a tolerance for full sun, the Encore Azalea has taken the stronghold as a staple in multi-season landscape appeal.

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