Buying New Construction in the Haymarket Area

Why do I need a Realtor if I’m buying new construction?

turtlepointtownhomes4If you’re like me, you love living in the Haymarket area and have no immediate plans to move elsewhere. However, you may be ready to downsize. Have the kids moved on? Do you have more space than you need? If you are considering a move to a townhouse or smaller single family home, there are several new communities popping up in the area, like the Townhomes at Turtle Point in Lake Manassas.

When looking at and buying newly constructed property, it is more important than ever to be represented by an experienced Realtor®—or Buyer’s Agent—who has YOUR best interest in mind. Otherwise, you are working directly with a sales team who represents the best interests of the builder or developer.

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Here are 7 good ways a Buyer’s Agent can help you with buying new construction:

  1. Help EVALUATE and select a lot, footprint and property options which can later have a bearing on resale value. Some options can wait until after construction while others are best done and more cost-effective during construction phase.
  2. NEGOTIATE with the builder on your behalf—not only for options and add-ons—but for terms of the contract. A full legal review of a contract can only be done by an attorney but a good agent can help spot terms or conditions that may be of concern to the buyer.
  3. CHECK ON the property during construction phases.
  4. ATTEND the pre-settlement walk-through to make sure all agreed upon items are complete and satisfactory.
  5. ASSIST with the transaction and settlement process and help with any unforeseen problems with financing, title, etc. that may arise.
  6. WORK WITH YOU to sell or rent your current home. Working with one agent for both transactions will help with coordination and timing.
  7. A Buyer’s Agent is generally compensated by the seller (or in this case the builder/developer) for his/her services, so you benefit greatly with little to NO ADDITIONAL COST to you.

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