Jan/Feb 2015 Archive

Ten Haymarket Area Places to Donate Unwanted Household Items

Here are ten places in Prince William County and Haymarket area to donate unwanted household items that will benefit others… It’s that time of year again. It’s time to get organized, clean out and get ready for

Cost vs. Value: What Remodeling Projects Pay Off?

When is comes to cost vs. value, here are some remodeling projects in the DC Metro Region that pay off  when selling a house, and some that don’t … Many home sellers wonder what they should do

Business Spotlight: Cathy’s Hair Design of Haymarket, VA

A Local Favorite: Cathy’s Hair Design on Washington Street in Haymarket … For this month’s Spotlight, I’d like to recognize one of my favorite small businesses, Cathy’s Hair Design, which is located right in the heart of

A Review of Real Estate Market Trends in 2014

Here is a review of the real estate market trends for 2014 for the Haymarket and Gainesville, VA area and a close look at Dominion Valley … The start of a new year is a good time

Three Real Estate Predictions for 2015

Here are three of my real estate predictions for 2015 in Northern Virginia affecting Prince William County and the Haymarket Area … Here we are in another new year approaching the busiest time for the real estate