Why is EXITHeritage.com Better Than Zillow?

Here are a four reasons why EXITHeritage.com is a better site to search for homes locally.

Searching online for homes in Haymarket or Gainesville?

We all love looking at homes for sale in our area, whether we are planning to move or not. It’s interesting to see what’s out there, what the prices are and just take a peek.

If you are actually thinking about moving, you may be considering a larger home, a smaller home, a different school district or different amenities. That’s how EXITHeritage.com or is better – for LOCAL home searches.

Here are some features you won’t find on Zillow if you are searching locally:

  1. You can customize your search to include more than one town, like Haymarket, Gainesville and Bristow, rather than a geographic mile span.
  2. You can choose a High School from any high school in Northern Virginia. On other websites, you can use the high school name as a key word, but it will only appear if it is in the content of the description, which is not likely.
    Note: Not all Realtors put schools in their MLS listings, so some homes won’t appear. If your home is currently For Sale, make sure your high school is listed, there are many buyers out there searching specifically by High School. I always make sure schools are identified in my listings.
  3. You can choose a Subdivision. Again, this is not always possible on main stream websites.
    Note: This is something else that may not appear if a Realtor does not include, or accurately, enter a subdivision. Most of the time it is accurate though.
  4. You can search properties by special features like Pool Properties, which is a big bonus this time of year!

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