Finding the Right Real Estate Agent to Sell your Luxury Home

10 things a good listing agent should do to market and sell your Haymarket VA area upscale or luxury home …

The most important thing to consider when selling an upscale or luxury home is how to attract affluent buyers. When considering marketing to this demographic of home buyers—ones who are buying homes over $500,000—it is important to understand their behavior.

According to the recently released NAR (National Association of Realtors) “Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers”*, 80 percent of buyers who buy detached, single family homes are GenXers and Younger Boomers (aged 34 to 58).  Buyers over the age of 57 are downsizing to townhouses and condos at an increasing level. So, the age group you want to target mostly is GenXers and Younger Boomers.

What do studies tell us about the behavior of this group when buying homes? Well, here are some characteristics:

  • This age group represented the highest percentage of homes purchased over $500,000
  • They are usually not first time buyers—they are moving up and have experience with real estate transactions
  • They are choosing to work with knowledgeable buyer’s agents
  • They represent the shortest move distance from previous home to new home (7 to 12 miles) so they are staying somewhat local
  • They are professional, educated, tech savvy and highly mobile
  • Environmental concerns and energy efficiency is important
  • Quality of neighborhood and schools is high priority
  • 90 percent of all home buyers searched online during their home buying process often ruling out homes before they even see them

Interesting … how does all this help you choose a good real estate agent/Realtor® to help you sell YOUR home?

You’ll want an agent who understands the demographic you are marketing to, knows how to reach them effectively and makes your house stand out from others. Your Realtor is not necessarily competing with other Realtors, your house is competing with other houses on the market.

Here are 10 things a good listing agent will do to help you sell your upscale or luxury home:

1. Help you set the right price

Setting the price for an upscale or luxury home can be tricky if it has many upgraded and unique features that set it apart from comparable sales. A good agent will guide you through this and perhaps recommend an appraisal. It’s important to set the right price from the start. Buyers in this range know what else is out there and are savvy enough to make comparisons. Your house will most likely not sell—even with the best marketing efforts possible—if the price is not set at fair market value.

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2. Make sure your listing photos are superb

luxury home 2Buyers are eliminating homes online before they even contact their agent. They can tell just by the photos! Your home needs to be prepared for sale, staged if necessary and photographed professionally using technology that translates well online. You’ll also want a video tour. Affluent buyers are tech savvy and expect all the bells and whistles.

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3. Take full advantage of internet marketing

We know most buyers start their search online, especially if they have experience with previous real estate transactions. To reach as many potential buyers as possible, your listing should be featured not only on your agent’s professional, SEO-friendly website, but it should be enhanced on other high traffic real estate web sites like Zillow and Trulia. It should also be circulated through popular social media outlets and blogs.

4. Market your home locally

Since we know many buyers are moving up in their own communities, we need to reach them through local marketing. A sign in front of your house is a good start. A good agent will use their network to reach local buyer’s agents through email blasts, open houses and social networking. Publications and websites like Haymarket Homeowner are perfect for this!

5. MakMobilee sure your listing is mobile friendly

Mobile access is critical. Potential buyers who drive by homes that are for sale want information about that home instantly—that’s how they are used to getting it. They want to see a printed brochure, a QR Code or Mobile Access Code to get all the vital information about the house—including good photos.

6. Promote the features of your home that appeal to buyers

If your home has new energy efficient windows, appliances or heating equipment, make a big deal about it! Neighborhood amenities, good schools and commuting features should also be spotlighted. Status features like cinema rooms, wine cellars and custom woodwork appeal to the affluent buyer as well.Luxury-home-photography1

7. Be accessible and flexible

For many buyers—even those not in a rush to buy—it’s important to have immediate contact for questions and viewings. Your agent should be accessible and respond to all inquiries in a timely and courteous manner. It would also be helpful if your agent works full time in, lives in and is very familiar with the area of your home.

8. Have a good appointment scheduling system

You want to make sure showing times are scheduled to your convenience so you can have your house ready to show. Appointments should be approved by both you and your agent and will always be accompanied by a licensed Realtor. Make sure your agent has a good Appointment Scheduling System in place for this. You also want to make sure requests like removing shoes are adhered to.

9. Be experienced and knowledgeable

Most affluent buyers have experience with real estate transactions, know how to negotiate and are familiar with the process of buying a house. Your agent should have solid experience with negotiating, managing transactions and handling unforeseen circumstances as they arise to stay one step ahead.

10. Be friendly and trustworthy

Experience and excessive certification mean nothing if your agent is not personable and trustworthy.  Use your instinct and choose someone you know you can rely on and trust with your most valuable asset—your home.

Are you considering selling your Haymarket area home?

Bryan Garcia, Associate Broker of EXIT Heritage Realty will work closely with you to set the right price. His network of professional affiliates will help you prepare your home for sale, provide professional photography and videography and prepare custom printed brochures for marketing.

EXIT Heritage Realty’s website offers a clean interface for your featured listing, custom search capabilities and optimum photo presentation. It also offers a user-friendly mobile version with tracking capabilities. Your home will be accessible to the curious mobile drive-by.

We take it even further. Once your home is listed, we market it through local broker email campaigns, blogging and social media outlets as well as through our existing network of potential buyers.

Our marketing plan is customized to meet the specific needs of your home and the current market conditions in your neighborhood. We’ll highlight aspects of your home that will attract affluent buyers and we’ll promote features we know buyers in your price range look for.

Above and beyond …

HHPage1Bryan Garcia offers something you won’t find with other Realtors: Haymarket Homeowner —a custom designed newsletter mailed to over 3500 homeowners in the Haymarket area, as well as with an unlimited audience. Haymarket Homeowner is not only about upscale real estate, it’s about community and lifestyle so our content is attracting the affluent demographic through Google searches and networking.

Lastly, you can count on Bryan for professional expertise and exceptional service based on his over 10 years of full-time experience selling over 80 million dollars in real estate in the Haymarket, Virginia area. He is friendly, trustworthy and values the relationships with his clients long after a transaction is complete.

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*Source: National Association of Realtors (NAR) 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers