How to get that Fixer Upper HGTV Look

The secrets to the Fixer Upper HGTV decorating style …

If you watch Fixer Upper on HGTV, the reveal and the end of each show probably leaves you in awe. Chip and Joanna always seem to nail it with their modern farmhouse style. Now, this decorating style seems to be trending in homes and retail stores everywhere.

The Fixer Upper look isn’t for everyone, some find it too rustic, but there are elements of it that can be brought into other home decorating styles like modern, traditional, nautical, shabby chic … and work well. In fact, Joanna mixes styles by combining things like an industrial light fixture over a distressed table or placing a worn antique map over a sleek modern couch.

The secret to Joanna’s style is simple. It’s the mixing of natural elements – metals, wood, glass and cloth textures – with a splash of plants and flowers. You can easily achieve this look without completely redecorating or spending a fortune. Start by digging through things you wouldn’t think of to decorate like old hardcover books, garage or attic items like old wooden bowls, wire baskets, crates or jars and bottles of different colors and shapes.

  • If you are actually thinking of doing some renovating to your home, painting rooms in neutral colors (you can find her paint palette at is a good start. Updating light fixtures goes a long way too. Here’s a list of the simple rules, items and placement tricks that can give your home that Fixer Upper look:
  • Stack old books and place a candle or plant on top.
  • Make big wall statements with large clocks, letters, quotes or vintage signs.
  • Double or triple up with the same vase and flowers in a row.
  • Used galvanized metal tins for plants and wall hangings.
  • Go bold on light pendants and chandeliers.
  • Plants, plants, plants … use in glass vases, wall sconces, small succulents in a row, botanical hanging prints.
  • Candles, candles, candles … use on books, bedsides, wall sconces.
  • Use wire baskets for fire wood, throws, towels or magazines.
  • Mix and match throws and pillows with texture and patterns.
  • Hang floating wooden shelves with leaning frames.
  • Use wooden bowls and trays on island, coffee table or ottoman.
  • Use metal wall hooks for form and function.
  • Paint a chalk area and frame it.