Getting Your Home Ready to Sell for Spring 2018

Preparing your home to sell in the Spring 2018 real estate market …

Spring 2018 Real Estate Market – As you glance at the headline above you may be thinking that it’s not even Christmas yet, why are we talking about Spring? You’re right, Spring is several months away. However, if you are considering selling your home after the new year, during the Spring market, now is the time to start preparing.

Furthermore, many of us consider the Spring market to be late March and April, when the flowers start to bloom. But, the real estate Spring market actually blossoms in February, sometimes sooner.

When does the Spring real estate market actually start?

I pulled some data on the influx of new listings to the market in our area over the past couple of years. It is true that the bulk of new listings hit during the months of March, April and even May and June. However, new listings do pick up in January and February. And, I know from experience, that unless there is a major snow event, the buyers are already out previewing.

If you are serious about selling and can be prepared in advance, it might be to your advantage to get a head start before the competition hits the marketplace in full force.

Spring 2018

Getting your home ready

In previous issues of Haymarket Homeowner and on my blog, I talk a lot about preparing your home for sale to maximize your advantage over the competition. I can’t stress it enough but the NUMBER ONE thing to do is to “declutter”. Get rid of excess toys, photos, overflowing closets, cluttered garages, etc. This tedious job takes time and the fall and winter months are the best time to tackle it.

Other good improvements include painting, even if it’s just refreshing a room or two. A grey palette is trendy now and also a good neutral choice. Other things include cleaning or replacing carpet and replacing appliances if feasible. There are great appliance sales during the holiday season.

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