Getting Your Haymarket Home Ready to Sell on a Budget

Tips for preparing your Haymarket area home for sale without spending a fortune …

If you’re thinking about trying to sell your Haymarket area home, here are some tips for getting it ready without having to spend a fortune. The Haymarket / Gainesville area is competitive right now. Homes in the $300,000 to $500,000 are selling quickly but those above $500,000 are generally taking more time—some more than others, depending on the house, location and price. Doing the most you can for optimal presentation is important.

Give it your time

The BEST thing you can do is give it your time. You are not going to be able to get your house ready to sell in a weekend. Your time—with some elbow grease—is the cheapest and most effective way to improve the presentation of your home.

Conquer it a little at a time, or it can be overwhelming. Here are some of the best things to do:

  • Declutter. Sort through and get rid of items you don’t use or need. Get a small storage unit if you have limited storage space. Remove excess hanging photos, knick knacks, toys, electronics, excess kitchen counter stuff, etc.
  • 14983KeavyPl-19Clean out all closets, drawers and cabinets. Neat, available storage space is important to buyers.
  • Create curb appeal. Do extra yard work—clean out beds, trim bushes and power wash where needed.
  • Clean out your garage and paint the surface if needed.

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The following things involve some expense but combined with your time, are considered the best and most cost-effective ways to improve the value of your home:

  • Remove dated wallpaper and paint rooms that need it. This can be a big project but if you are patient, the cost of the paint and time goes a long way.
  • Switch out dated light fixtures. In real estate photos, light fixtures—especially dining room and kitchen—really stand out. Spend a couple of hundred dollars on installing more contemporary replacements.
  • Have all carpet cleaned professionally and/or consider replacing any carpet that is soiled or worn.
  • Make sure your bathrooms are spotless. One of the things that turns buyers off is mold, old tile and dated fixtures. Consider having bathrooms updated with new grout or tile. A new granite vanity and faucet fixtures are good updates but can be costly.

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Talk to a Realtor before incurring large expenses. A good Realtor can assess the value of your home compared to other homes in your neighborhood and determine what may improve the value of your home as return on investment.

Become a stager

710BlossomTree2-8Finally, become your own home stager. Look around at your rooms and furniture. If you have too much furniture or pieces that are worn or stained, consider storing or donating them. Then make a trip to Homegoods or the new AT HOME Store in Manassas. They have the newest trends at very affordable prices!

Small, colorful items can give your home that edge in online listings—where most buyers 6125PopesCreek-35start their search. Refresh your throw pillows and throw rugs. Update your lamps. Replace towels and shower curtains. Get a selection of faux plants, they make ideal staging props.

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Contact a good Realtor

A well-prepared home along with a smart marketing and pricing strategy, will ultimately get your home sold. Although, once you get all these things done to your home you may reconsider selling and stay to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Call Bryan Garcia at 703-517-2574 or email for a free Competitive Marketing Analysis, as well as some honest suggestions for getting your home ready to sell.

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